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DSO Marketing | Successfully Marketing A Dental Service Organization

Marketing a Dental Service Organization (DSO) to success requires a unique strategy in comparison to marketing for individual practices. Finding and promoting the strengths of multiple practices at an individual level can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Implementing the proper research and combining efforts when possible are foundational for constructing a marketing strategy for a DSO. The process can then be consolidated in different areas to improve efficiency as well. Once an ideal strategy has been formulated, the process will become easier to manage even as a DSO continues to grow. 

Focus on Each Individual Practice

Every location will have a unique set of strengths and areas of opportunity to consider. While many marketing strategies may work consistently for most doctors, it is important to focus on your demographic, target market and end goal for each specific location when coming up with your master plan. Different locations will have different needs in terms of goals. Planning and strategizing for each location will allow these goals to be met with fewer issues. Having research and utilizing based on individual locations only goes so far when it is used to promote multiple locations. 

Promote Locations Individually

Focusing not only on the research but also on the marketing strategy to an individual level will help you gain the most out of your time and resources. As strengths vary from practice to practice and location to location, it only makes sense to focus the promotion of those strengths where it makes they can be the most effective. Identifying the right target market or demographics for specific locations can be wasted if multiple locations are being highlighted together. Proper research and promotion for individual practices will ensure your budget is maximized properly utilized based on each location. 

Consolidate Efforts

The added level of detail and effort that goes into researching and marketing for every individual practice within a DSO can seem overwhelming. Take the time to acknowledge areas of crossover between locations whenever possible. Identifying areas of research or marketing strategy that can be combined or consolidated for even two or more different locations is an efficient way to maximize time and budget. 

The right research and marketing strategy will be the foundation needed to successfully promote all locations within a DSO. Once these foundations are in place, adding additional marketing for new locations will only become easier over time. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, contact our Grow DSO team today.

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Grow DSO is the first integrated marketing firm designed specifically for dental service organizations. Whether you are considering marketing for 3 locations or hundreds, Grow DSO can assist in reaching your financial goals by providing affordable marketing solutions. While many marketing strategies may work consistently for most doctors, it is important to consider your demographic, target market, and end goal for each location when coming up with your master plan. Each of your locations may have a unique set of strengths and opportunities worth considering and it is our goal to find those USPs (unique selling propositions) to help you stand out from the competition. Overall, our priority is to learn your goals, and get you there faster.

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