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As you may know, in the past I have brought up the forbidden “S” word: Sales. To me, it is just a word that means you educate and inform your patients to make the best decisions for their health. However, some people don’t like this word. If you prefer to hear a different word, replace the word sales with patient communication. Either way, this message is extremely important.

In order to gain case acceptance and your patients’ approval for the treatment that they need, you must truly believe in what it is that you’re doing. The most important part of sales is offering a product, service, or solution that you truly believe in.

If you are sitting here thinking that your patients don’t really need dentistry, you are not going to fully succeed. Patients need teeth to eat and the services you provide keep their teeth healthy and it also keeps their overall body healthy which adds years to their life. To me, that is a need and necessity. If you face each and every day at your job in the dental profession with this feeling and acknowledgement that the work you do is important, you will succeed. No matter how many patients treat you like your work is not important, you need to go in everyday and remember that you are improving people’s health, their life and their longevity.

These patients are coming to you for a reason and they need you to believe in what you’re doing in order for them to believe in you. It starts with you and the emotion that you will be putting out for the rest of the world.

Remember, if you are teaching your team about sales or excellent communication, start in believing in what you’re doing. If there is a service you provide that you don’t fully believe in, don’t do it. You will be doing a disservice to both your patients and to your business.

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Your Solution For Practice Growth

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Grow DSO is the first integrated marketing firm designed specifically for dental service organizations. Whether you are considering marketing for 3 locations or hundreds, Grow DSO can assist in reaching your financial goals by providing affordable marketing solutions. While many marketing strategies may work consistently for most doctors, it is important to consider your demographic, target market, and end goal for each location when coming up with your master plan. Each of your locations may have a unique set of strengths and opportunities worth considering and it is our goal to find those USPs (unique selling propositions) to help you stand out from the competition. Overall, our priority is to learn your goals, and get you there faster.

These guys are AMAZING! Very knowledgeable & professional. They go out of their way to treat their clients right.

- Dr. Anna A.